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45 Years of Mexican Tradition

Established in the heart of the San Fernando Valley we have been serving authentic Mexican food since 1974. Our menu is rooted in family traditions and the recipes for our delicious tacos, carnitas, burritos and other dishes have been passed down throughout the generations.


Our authentic Mexican recipes have been passed down from generation to generation.


We use only the freshest produce, spices and meats in all our dishes.



We are committed to serving you authentic Mexican food.

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Whether you’re craving tacos, carnitas or tamales, you’ll find real Mexican food on the menu. Our home style Mexican dishes are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Carrillo's Authentic Specialties

Not sure what to try first from our menu? Why not start with one of our specialties?

George Lopez Burrito

The most famous and largest “wet style” burrito on our menu. Guaranteed to satisfy your hunger.

Carrillo's Tamales

Tamales are not just a holiday tradition. We serve them fresh all year long. Each tamale is packed with authentic Mexican flavor.

Carnitas Special

Our crispy and savory traditional carnitas are made fresh every day. Enjoy them with our spicy red salsa accompanied by rice and beans.

Carrillo's Tacos

Our handmade corn tortillas make our tacos authentic and delicious. Savor them with our fresh guacamole and chopped salsa.


The service is great, the food is so authentic and delicious! Prices are affordable and micheladas are so satisfying. All the dishes are delicious. You have to try this place.

Edith M.


What a great place for a burrito Authentic / Fresh / Simple / Big Size / Freshly Made Tortillas... I was pleasantly surprised. Lots and lots of authentic Mexican food here. Easy parking. Free parking. Friendly employees too. They don't hold back on the meat. My chicken burrito had tons of chicken. My carne asada burrito was full of meat. Call your order in ahead of time if you are in a rush! Helps if you know Spanish, but not necessary. Happy eating!



Still love Carillo's and still obsessed with their tamales. Wanted to update my review because I'm newly obsessed with their chicken mole. Absolutely amazing flavor!!! It so savory and delicious. Not too sweet - just perfect! Also in love with their homemade flour tortillas. Yum!

Sara W.


This is our go to quick Mexican restaurant. Staff is friendly and good with custom orders. They have had the same ladies behind the counter for as long as I can remember. Everything we have had is amazing. Some of our favorites are, chili verde, pasole, and green chili & cheese tamales. They have some of the best tortillas in the valley as well! (both flour and corn).

Ray T.